Monday, October 17, 2011

Won't Miss #377 - panchera

Personally, I don't care if people have their fetishes as long as they keep them private and they don't harm anyone in order to fulfill them. It's really none of my business, unless it is flashed in my face on a regular basis. "Panchera" is the Japanese word for panty fetishism, and you see it everywhere. There are anime-style signs with girls' dresses flipping up showing their cartoon underpants. There are posters for movies and products which show hints of panties, and there are products, like the one pictured above, that cater to fetishists desire to possess a plastic figure showing its underwear. Most of these representations don't just show underpants, but very young girls' underpants. I'm pretty sure that this fuels panty theft, as well as junior high school and high school girls being groped on trains

I won't miss having this creepy fetish unavoidably displayed in front of me, nor the likely social ramifications that catering to it is causing.