Monday, May 13, 2013

Misc. Blog Stuff and Feedly

I've already posted about this on my other blog, the one about junk food, and I wanted to say a word here. Most bloggers, including me, are getting regular readership from people who subscribe using an RSS reader. Many of my readers are using Google Readers, as I did for quite a few years. The awesomeness of such readers is that they allow you to track when new content is available without daily visits to the site. 

Of course, I'm very happy to have people pop in by visiting everyday. In fact, I'd welcome you with a cup of tea and a green tea chocolate if I could. However, if you're the kind of person who follows a lot of blogs, it quickly becomes cumbersome to track them all and that's where RSS has your back.

For my readers, this equation isn't quite so tricky because I follow a pretty strict posting schedule on both blogs. On this one, I post every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On the other one, I am currently posting every weekday. However, if you are using RSS, it's just that much easier to track new content rather than remember my particular posting schedule.

So, I am kindly asking readers to consider moving to a new RSS Reader when Google Reader reaches its inevitable demise (assuming you already use Google Reader). I decided to migrate early to allow myself to grow accustomed to a new interface and have chosen Feedly. So far, I've found it to be the least annoying. Woo-freaking-hoo? Actually, it's not a bad reader at all, but I'm well aware of the troublesome nature of mastering a new interface. However, you can use it to directly connect to Reader to import your old feeds and set the look to be roughly similar to the venerable reader. 

Thank you all for reading and I appreciate your continued attention and support. I think Google Reader goes dark on July 1, 2013, and I hope that I don't see a concomitant drop in my readership. 


  1. I was heartbroken when I heard Google Reader was disappearing. Seems to be a general consensus Feedly is the least annoying alternative... I already switched a few weeks ago and am still subscribing to you. :) Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks for keeping me around, Toku!

    I was also very upset about Google Reader's death and kept hoping they'd change their minds. It does undermine ones faith that Google can be relied on to continue any of their services. Frankly, I wouldn't be shocked if Blogger eventually got put on the chopping block!

  3. I switched to and I quite like it.

    I do wish they had an app for iPhone in place, but they say it's in the works.

    1. I had heard about "old reader", but there was some reason I didn't pursue it (probably one tiny little barrier to using it). ;-)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I've moved to While it rings in at $2 a month (or $20 a year) I find that it's worth it :)

    1. That's too "rich" for my blood, Cailin. ;-) However, I'm glad you're going to keep following and thank you for your comment!


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