Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The March 11, 2011 Quake Remembrance

Yesterday, we received a copy of the Wall Street Journal that included an article on the anniversary of the quake. Of course, it was dated yesterday because Japan is a day ahead of us and they have already observed the third year passing. The article talks about how the mental toll on the areas most strongly affected by the quake continues to this day. I also know from my contact with folks in Japan that recovery continues as they volunteer to assist in rebuilding even now. I'm shocked, in some ways, that things aren't better for the victims. In other ways, I'm not surprised at all. Japan can move very fast when the choices have been made to do so, but can be very slow when they have not.

The quake was a part of Japanese history that I lived through and will never forget, but my experience is absolutely nothing compared to what people in the path of the tsunami have endured. My heart goes out to the people who continue to suffer from the devastation, particularly the mental anguish they continue to deal with. I remember them on this day. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Per news reports on the BBC in particular, it is clear that thousands,maybe millions, of people in Japan are still struggling with the emotional aftermath of 'the triple disaster.' Depression, PTSD, and other things continue to cripple people's ability to 'move on.' The government apparently has estimated that less than 200 people have committed suicide. I bet, however, it is much higher than that. The BBC noted that reports estimate that more people have died from earthquake/tsunami related health issues than died in the actual events themselves.


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