Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Won't Miss #49 - frozen construction (reflection)

As I mentioned in the original post, my issue with construction which took forever to complete was that areas that I had to walk through were often obstructed by it. In particular, it seemed to take forever for any work being done on stations to be completed. The question as I look back on that situation is, "does it take forever in America, too?" The answer to that is definitely "no". In the U.S., the problem isn't that construction never gets done, but that it seems to recur quite often, especially on roads. 

So, while I might have to walk through a taped-off, walled-off, narrow space for over a year in Tokyo while construction seemed to proceed at a crawl, I didn't tend to have to do it more than once in a long span of time. Nonetheless, I don't miss having to walk around or work around glacially paced work.


  1. That's not Tokyo Station, is it? Only that's pretty much exactly what Tokyo Station looked like when I was there a few years back. =P

    JR Nara Station too, to a lesser extent.

    1. It's Shinjuku. They all look very similar so your confusion is understandable! They especially do when the endless construction is going on. ;-)


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