Friday, August 6, 2010

Won't Miss #213 - The Daily Yomiuri

The Daily Yomiuri is the English language paper with the most subscribers in Japan. It's a pretty good newspaper at an economical price for those who want to enjoy a hard copy and keep up on the news in Japan. In fact, my husband and I subscribed to the Daily Yomiuri for quite some time. Eventually though, our status as subscribers was taken for granted, and the agency that delivered it decided that they didn't need to bother to deliver to us on Mondays. We'd call and nag them to give us the paper we had paid for and they would cough up a copy on occasion, but usually, they'd shrug their shoulders and said, "sorry, we don't have anymore." They didn't refund or credit us for the undelivered papers either. Later, they decided not only that we didn't need it on Mondays, but we also didn't need it until several hours later than the usual early morning delivery time and on the occasional Tuesday. The service we got from the Daily Yomiuri was abysmal, and I  have had a bad taste in my mouth about that publication ever since.

I won't miss seeing the Daily Yomiuri on newsstands and remembering just how poorly we were treated as paying customers.