Sunday, August 8, 2010

Won't Miss #214 - so many trash bins

I'm all for recycling, and I don't mind making the effort to sort my trash (though I'm less keen on the inefficient and troublesome washing of that trash). There is, unfortunately, an inevitable side effect to trash sorting and that's having to have a lot of different bins to place different trash in (or, in lieu of that, going through your garbage and separating it later which is disgusting and time consuming). Since Tokyo apartments are so small, having to keep so many bins around is very difficult. In fact, I have had to cram 7 separate trash bins into my tiny place: burnable items, "pura" (plastic recyclable), Styrofoam trays, paper, raw trash (kitchen scraps), cans and glass, and PET bottles.

It's a huge problem keeping so many of them in such a small kitchen and I won't miss the considerable floor and cabinet space I have to give up just for trash cans.