Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will Miss #343 - lunch sets/deals

A fairly typical lunch set including salad, pickles, dessert, an entree, rice, and soup. This one went for a mere 650 yen ($7.94).

Eating out in Tokyo is expensive if you order dinner, but it can be both economical and awesome if you eat out at lunch time. Back home, I know that there were occasional lunch specials, but it's an art form with restaurants in Japan. You pay between 500-800 yen, and can often get a meal that includes a variety of dishes and a drink. There is nothing that I like more than having a tray full of various dishes served up to me, usually including a finish with a few bites of dessert. It feels like luxury, even when it's not.

I'll miss sampling the lunch sets of various restaurants and the bargain prices they often come at.