Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Won't Miss #338 - low protein (and veggie) meals

An extremely delicious Sri Lankan meal that I ate in Shinjuku with a tiny salad, 3 bites of chicken (with skin), rice, potato salad, and bread. Three carbs in one meal - great if you're running a marathon, or want to expand the size of your ass. Despite the carb overload, I heartily recommend this place - Court Lodge. The staff is wonderful (attentive, friendly,  offering more gravy as needed) and the food is tasty and moderately priced.

My husband and I spent more years not eating at restaurants in Japan than eating at them. That wasn't because the food here isn't good, nor was it because the portions are small or things can be expensive, though the latter was definitely a factor. The main problem is that most of the restaurant food you get in Japan is low protein, high carbohydrate, and low in vegetables. If you're Japanese, it seems that getting a giant noodle, rice, or bread portion with a couple of bites of meat and garnish-size amounts of vegetables seems to be okay, but it really isn't a good balance nutritionally. In fact, I often see people getting even more rice or bread on top of the heaping portions they already have. I always end up eating half of the carbs (or less) and my husband always has to order a(n often pricey) side dish with more protein to balance things out. 

The food here is often fantastic, but I'm often dissatisfied with the nutritional balance based on the usual composition of protein, carbs, and vegetables.