Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Will Miss #345 - recycling pick-up trucks

If you want to throw out a large electronic item in Japan, you have several options, and most of them will cost you. One is to contact the local government and pay them to remove it. Another is to contact the manufacturer of your item and pay them even more to have it removed. Finally, if you're having the large item replaced, you can pay even more to have the store that is delivering the new item to cart away the old one. If you're a little patient, however, you have a shot at unloading such items for free. Trucks seeking certain types of discarded electronic items drive around Tokyo asking you to surrender your junk. They'll take those items and recycle them either by stripping the materials and parts or by fixing them up and reselling them. It's convenient  because they're right at your door, and it's also free.

I'll miss the way in which these trucks make disposing of large items easy and cost-free.