Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Will Miss #468 - songs with random English

If this is the proper embedded video, you'll see what I mean. If it's not, you'll wonder why this is here. The song is Inside Your Head by Daichi Miura.

It's pretty rare for me to listen to an English song and hear a random word in Japanese thrown into the lyrics unless that word is something for which the English is also the same as the Japanese (like "sushi"). In Japan, however, it was not the least bit unusual to hear pop songs which would toss in English phrases or words for no reason other than they felt it would be cooler to sprinkle in a bit of their second language of choice. It would seem incredibly incongruous to hear a steady stream of Japanese punctuated by the odd bit of English. It's one of those things which I will always see as very "Japanese" because it reflected the way they absorb and incorporate foreign culture, but twist it to suit their sensibilities.

It always amused me to hear the bits of English and consider how it reflected the benevolent incursion of Western culture into Japan, and I will miss it.