Thursday, July 19, 2012

Won't Miss #471 - skinny guys, high, cinched waists

I'm not a superficial person for the most part, but some things strike me as aesthetically unpleasing. And I'll admit that some of the things I didn't like about life in Japan were pretty petty and this is absolutely one of them. Of course, many of the things we all dislike are of really no consequence, but we have our feelings about them anyway. One of the things which I found really unappealing in Japan was the tendency of some businessmen, especially very thin ones, to wear their pants very high and very tight. In the summer, this was an especially unappetizing sight as jackets were off and I saw men who were looking like they were attempting to recreate the scene in Gone With the Wind when Scarlett O'Hara tries to have her maid tighten her corset down to her pre-pregnancy 18 inches. I think the thing that was most troubling about this is that it seemed an unattractive and unnecessary fashion statement. A belt doesn't need to be choking ones waist in order to hold up trousers. 

Seeing men who looked like they feared their pants might fall down if they wore them lower and at a normal tightness level was a big turn-off for me and I don't miss it.