Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will Miss #476 - no bumper stickers

Christians criticizing other Christians from the back of a truck.

The absence of something is never as easy to detect as the presence, though if the existence of something is especially irritating, you learn rapidly to appreciate when it's not there. One thing I've noticed since coming back home is that people seem to love to use their cars as a means of giving their views, boasting, or telling others what to do. It's not enough that Americans express their opinions openly in every forum and format possible, they also have to blab about what they think from the backs of their vehicles. I guess it's not enough to broadcast to those who know you, but also you have to reach strangers. You don't even have to be in person if you use your car as a bulletin board for your values.

In Japan, people didn't feel it was necessary to use their cars to say something. It wasn't only that they didn't want a bunch of ugly stickers on their usually pristine cars, but also that they didn't feel compelled to bellow their views from every available pulpit. I miss that.